Friday, June 18, 2010

Special experience in Poznan: Enjoy two open air performances

Friday evening, June 25, and day 4 of your Incantato Performance Tour to Central Europe, you will enjoy a special experience in Poznan: two open air performances. At 9:00 PM the open air musical performance about the history of the city, "Notatnik Poznania", at Rondo Kaponiera starts. Description: "I get off the train, walk across the flyover and then walk the streets of Poznań to the pedestrian subway Kaponiera where the story of my passage through the city meets with the concert venue. The idea of this project stems from a desire to tell, in an abstract way, about a visit in an unknown city. The guide transforms the tourist information into a music score in which getting off the train and the height of the historic buildings as well as the surroundings of a grocer's shop are described by articulation, tempo, rhythm and expression. In his story the guide includes any gestures and words wanting them to become inherent to the musical piece. The concert under Kaponiera Roundabout will be a mobile proposal of moving on a surreal city map towards a car park where the final symphony, featuring the audience, will be staged. This musical form has been called a "story-piece" and involves the transformation of information about the city into music."
After the first performance you are going to see another one at 10:00 pm - about “war, hope and redemption” at Liberty Square: "The Bell". Description: "A mesmerizing tale of war, hope and redemption. It tells the story of warring clans in a warring land where the enemies, blinded with mutual hate, want to raze each other to the ground. The absurdity of war and the instinct to destroy may go on forever and escalate the violence or end there and then if they choose to rebuild the world from the remaining debris. Inspired by Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev and Kurosawa's Ran the show has the power to awaken awareness of how bloody the price of fighting for one's freedom and moral choices can be. The Bell builds a suggestive dreamlike reality which creates astonishment and fear, but also admiration for its beauty." Production: the Hastings Borough Council, the National Theatre, Made in Brighton & Winchester Hat Fair; produced with the support of the Arts Council England and Without Walls.

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